Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

Technicians working on a unit outdoors.

A heat pump is a refrigeration system that can function both as a cooling and a heating system. During warm months, it can work like a normal air conditioner by transferring indoor heat to the outdoor air. During the cooler months, it can be a more energy-efficient alternative to a furnace.

However, if your heat pump has been in service for long, you might already be pondering whether repairing or replacing it is the better option. In this post, furnace maintenance experts share some questions that can help you arrive at a decision on this particular dilemma.

Is the system well maintained? Regular check-ups and maintenance can help your heat pump perform up to 25% better than those that aren’t tended to. Have professionals check your heat pump annually to make sure that it’s still energy efficient. Having it repaired at first could pay off, but if professionals believe that it’s not worth it, then your best bet is to replace it.

Is it still effective? You might’ve already asked home heating replacement professionals to service your unit and have it repaired, but if it’s already been with you for a long time, it might pay to determine if you’ve already been spending a fortune just having it repaired over and over again. A replacement unit can save you more money, and thus is often a more cost-worthy investment.

Is your electric bill becoming more costly? Check your electricity bill to see if your consumption is mostly from the heat pump. Has it always been like that? If you ‘ve been noticing that it’s starting to become an energy hog, perhaps now is the time to have it replaced.

How long has the pump been with you? It’s recommended to have units that are older than ten years replaced ,because newer units tend to save more energy and are more efficient as well.

Choosing to either replace or repair your heat pump, however, can still best be decided upon by a residential furnace repair professional. Having HVAC pros like those at Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning check whether you need to buy a new pump is still the best option out there for you. Give us a call at (707) 247-2887 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.

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