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Most people consider their homes to be the safest place around, their haven from the external world and all of its troubles. However, while your home may be a place of rest and peace mentally and emotionally, you would be surprised to find out that physically, your home is not the harbor of protection you believe it to be.

This is because most people are completely unaware that at this very minute, trillions of invisible, and potentially hazardous particles are floating around their home. Many of these airborne microbes are contaminants that irritate and injure human and pet occupants, ranging from dander and dust mites to pollen, viruses, and mold spores.

Fortunately, Dependable Heating & Air offers a wide selection of indoor air quality services, and we are eager to keep you and your home healthy today. For any indoor air quality services in Dixon, you know you can count on our reliable technicians and high-quality products.

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Different Types of Indoor Air Quality Products

When it comes to resolving poor air quality in Dixon or the surrounding areas, you might be surprised there are so many options. However, this is actually a great advantage, since no two homes are alike, inside or out. Your indoor air quality could be vastly different than even that of your neighbor!

This means you might need a particular indoor air quality product over another, or even a combination of different types of products. Do not worry about being overwhelmed, since our knowledgeable technicians are happy to advise you in making the best decision for your home.

Some of the most popular indoor air quality solutions include:

Air purifiers and filtration systems

On account of multiple pollutants like dirt, dead skin cells, dust, and pollen, your home’s air quality is often worse than being outside. Add to that mold and mildew growth, and you can be sure you are breathing in some contaminants. Air purifiers work by pulling dirty air through a fan system, filtering these harmful particles before circulating clean, fresh air back into your room.

Humidifying systems

Studies show that in order to prevent mold growth or harmful bacteria and viruses from thriving, your home should ideally have a humidity level of 30–50%. The continuously fluctuating climate in Dixon can cause your humidity to suddenly rise high above this average, or just as easily drop far below. Having a powerful, whole-home humidity balancing system that can both humidify and dehumidify will instantly provide a solution for both extremes.

Heat and energy recovery ventilators

One benefit of modern residential architecture is that constructors are designing homes to be more energy-efficient, saving space so as not to use as many limited resources. However, more condensed spacing and tight sealing also eliminates pockets for conditioned air to recycle or to escape outside.

It also prohibits fresh air from entering. To solve this problem, you could use one of the industry's newest inventions, which takes in fresh air from outside, ensures it is clean, and then deposits it in your home while disposing of dirty air.

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Over time, constantly breathing in these tiny but toxic particles leads to many different health problems, including the flu, allergies, asthma, or even longer-term lung issues.

Thankfully, you are not forced to stay in this situation any longer because modern technology has allowed our innovative technicians at Dependable Heating & Air to offer excellent services and products for destroying or dispersing these contaminants.

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