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Here in Dixon, we know the temperature of our wonderful NorCal city can vary greatly, especially during those spring and autumn days when you need several warm layers in the morning but are dressed in shorts and a tank top by the afternoon. It can be difficult to control the temperature in your home with just any old traditional HVAC system, particularly if you have a specialty custom house. If you want to experience comfortable temperatures in adjoining spaces of your house, such as a shed, basement, garage, or guesthouse, this complicates your HVAC needs even further.

At Dependable Heating & Air, we have a great solution to offer you in order to resolve this complex issue. Whether you have a room that is difficult to access, offsite, or even if you just want to experience different temperatures in different parts of your home, we can install a convenient ductless mini-split. Unlike a huge central HVAC system that is limited to tangled inner ductwork, the absence of ducts means that mini-splits can be placed in any room. Dependable Heating & Air offers the most advanced options for ductless mini-split services in Dixon, and we proudly install, repair, and maintain these systems, so you can trust us to keep your home comfortable all seasons of the year.

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What Are the Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

There are many different benefits of using a mini-split system. These handy units have become popular not only in the United States, but all over the globe.

Just a few benefits of having a mini-split system include:

  • Consolidate systems – Your heating and cooling needs are resolved in a single unit, rather than needing separate furnaces and AC systems
  • Maximize comfort – You can have optimal comfort by having balanced temperatures, meaning no more temperature battles with your family
  • Go green – Your energy efficiency will be dramatically raised, simultaneously aiding the ecosystem in reducing the waste of fuel resources
  • Save money – Your decreased electricity rate will result in much lower monthly energy bills
  • Eliminate hot & cold spots – You will benefit from true zoning, resulting in even temperatures no matter what swings in climate Dixon is currently experiencing

The Convenience & Comfort of Single-Zone Solutions

One of the best aspects of our ductless mini-split systems is that they are flexible enough to meet any of your home's needs. A single outdoor condensing unit is affixed outside your home, and then multiple mini splits can be placed in different locations around your house, or even in annexes and adjoined spaces, like a shed, workshop, patio or guesthouse. Mini-splits work amazingly on their own, or can even be combined with other HVAC systems. Since they are so small in comparison to massive central units, they offer homeowners complete design flexibility and creativity whenever they want to remodel or add to their home.

Quiet Comfort for True Relaxation

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which can sometimes be quite noisy depending on your brand, ductless units are “whisper-quiet,” increasing the calm and relaxation in your home. Our skilled technicians at Dependable Heating & Air can easily and quickly install them, making sure that you do not experience any disturbance when you are resting at home.

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