5 Reasons Thermostat Problems are More Than a Comfort Issue

Man pressing thermostat

A faulty heating system due to thermostat malfunctions can ruin not only the comfort of your home but also it’s air circulation. As the control center of your HVAC setup, problems with the thermostat affect your ability to manage the system. Thermostat problems could also cause your HVAC system to cycle rapidly off and on. This is called short cycling. Besides the unwanted chill, this issue can also cost you more with every repair.

In this post, your trusted HVAC installation contractors list five common thermostat issues that can affect your HVAC system:

Wrong calibration. If your HVAC experts erroneously calibrated the thermostat, it can shut down the heating mechanism before the desired temperature is reached, or keep it running too long, making your home too warm. 

Poor location. The best site for the thermostat is near the center of the house. This location keeps it away from interference such as wind and sunlight, allowing it to sense the correct average temperature. A poorly-placed thermostat may pick up incorrect readings and cause your heating system to turn off and on by mistake.

Wiring issues. Loose wires will cause the thermostat to lose control of the HVAC system’s operation. This is the usual case when the heater runs continuously or won’t respond at all. However, it’s always best to contact HVAC maintenance companies to check on this problem.

Dead batteries.  Another common thermostat issue is dead batteries. Homeowners should regularly check the batteries. Digital displays don’t guarantee that the battery is functioning correctly. As it’s discharged, the thermostat may start having incorrect readings

Problems with software. Most modern thermostats utilizing Wi-Fi and Smart technology depend on software that requires regular updates. The software can also encounter glitches, so you must hang on to the manual in case you need to do some troubleshooting. 

If you fail to resolve issues using the directions provided, you’d better contact the experts from your local HVAC companies. Contact Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning now for an HVAC system repair, upgrade or maintenance visit. Call us at(707) 247-2887.  You can also fill out our contact form and set up an appointment.

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