A Humidifier Maintenance Checklist

Inside of a humidifier

Humidifiers are indispensable to many households, especially considering the dry air of the winter season. Here air conditioner repair experts from Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning share a maintenance checklist to help you keep your humidifier units in top shape from winter to spring.

  • Water panels. These are used to infuse the air with moisture before it circulates throughout a room. Like any other appliance, you have to check them periodically for clogging and debris. They also have to be replaced if they’ve been in use for too long.

  • Clean out reservoirs. Check your humidifier’s reservoir regularly for bacteria and mineral deposit buildup.

  • Level the humidifier. To ensure that it can properly operate in the areas where it’s needed, air conditioning maintenance providers advise making sure it’s properly leveled.

  • Check for leaks. Leaks are common issues for humidifiers that have if they’ve begun to lose effectiveness. Check for leaks and standing water around your humidifiers every time you run them.

  • Maintain your humidistat. If your humidistat isn’t working properly, this can reduce the effectiveness of the humidifier in delivering just the right amount of humidity that your room needs, so ave it regularly checked.

  • Thoroughly clean portable humidifiers. Portable humidifiers can require more maintenance than whole-home humidifiers.

    • Inspect the wick or filter before use. You must always check the wick or filter of your portable humidifier to see if it needs replacement or cleaning.

    • Clean them regularly. According to manufacturers, portable humidifiers should be cleaned weekly. For larger units, it’s more advisable to have them cleaned every two weeks.

The need for a cost-efficient and effective humidifying unit encompasses more than just keeping water in its panels. It’s also about having its parts regularly checked, especially if you want to maintain it through the rest of the winter season. However, it can be difficult to know whether the unit is still in the best shape, especially if you don’t have expertise in maintaining the equipment. It’s still most advisable to hire HVAC professionals to check and inspect it for maintenance and repair concerns.

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