Ways You’re Worsening Your Indoor Air Quality

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Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Most people don’t realize that they could be the common denominator behind why their indoor air quality isn’t the best. When we think about air pollution, we don’t always factor in our personal impact on our home’s environment.

If you believe your indoor air quality is harming your health, or you recognize that it’s not the best, there are things you may be unaware that you’re doing to add to the pollution.

Cigarette Smoke and Secondhand Smoke

As one of the most common indoor air pollutants, cigarette smoke, and secondhand smoke can cause health risks when breathed in regularly.

Cigarette smoke causes residual gas and particles that linger in rooms with lots of fabric and carpeting. It can also stick to surfaces like walls, cabinets, glass tables, and mirrors and cause discoloration.

Electronic cigarettes can produce the same pollutants as tobacco smoke. E-cigarette smoke contains volatile organic compounds, chemicals that can be traced to lung disease, and heavy metals.

Remove Lingering Cigarette Smoke

Pollutants caused by cigarette smoke can linger for years, but there are ways you can reduce the amount of smoke that sticks around in your home:

  • Open as many doors and windows as you can.

  • Clean walls, windows, cabinets, and other hard surfaces.

  • Deep clean carpets.

  • Replace AC filters regularly.

  • Make sure your AC unit is circulating air properly.

While cigarette smoke is one of the most harmful indoor pollutants, household cleaners can have a similar harmful impact on your air quality.

Household Cleaners

Did you know that the cleaners you may be using every day could be lowering your indoor air quality? Household cleaners are one of the most common indoor pollutants.

Cleaners can cause skin irritation and irritate your nose, mouth, and lungs. They contain fumes that can trigger allergies and make breathing difficult for you if you have a lung condition.

Irritants can include:

  • Particles from burning incense and candles.

  • Chemical cleaners with harsh ingredients.

  • Fumes and carcinogens from dry cleaned clothes.

To combat the harmful effects of using household cleaners, you can switch to eco-friendly natural cleaning products. Choose products that have natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and water.

Office Machines and Supplies

Office materials create gases and small particles that can penetrate deep into your lungs. Machines like copiers, laser printers, craft materials, and graphic printers are a source of pollutants.

Try not to use your office machinery too often throughout the day in order to avoid releasing minute particles into the air.

Fragrances, Perfumes, and Deodorizers

We know how much we all like to smell fresh and we want our homes to have a certain smell too, but spraying fragrances cause indoor air pollution.

The substances that are found in perfumes, fragrances, and deodorizers aren’t always confirmed as safe to add to the ingredients in the products. Some of the ingredients aren’t regulated by the government, and some contain harsh chemicals that can be toxic.

The toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, reproductive disorders, birth defects, cancer, and more.

Reduce the amount of sprays you regularly use to improve your home’s air quality. Also, try using an air purifier to help improve the quality of your air.

Air Pollution Experts in Dixon, CA

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