How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

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It’s the summer season once again, which means it’s that time of year when homeowners ramp up their cooling efforts in order to keep their homes comfortable. With all the work that we put our HVAC systems through, it’s important to maintain and eventually replace your cooling system. To do this, you need to hire contractors from dependable HVAC maintenance companies. While this may be overwhelming with all the choices available on the market today, in this blog post, Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning shares some things that can aid you in deciding which is the right HVAC contractor to work on your home.

Check the Better Business Bureau®’s website. If you have a preferred contractor in mind, check if they’re listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website, which is very helpful if you want to learn more about the credibility of a contractor. You can see how long a contractor has been in business, as well as their licenses, certifications, reviews, complaints and other details that will help you make a more informed decision on whether or not you should push through with hiring your contractor.

Check If they have the necessary paperwork. Double-check to make sure your contractor has the following documents:

  • Licensing. Depending on the state, an HVAC company has to secure licensing before they can operate their business. Oftentimes, the state requires that a contractor passes exams related to HVAC services and will ask if they’ve undergone technical HVAC training to better serve their customers.

  • Bonding. A contract license surety bond is required to protect individuals if a contract isn’t fulfilled. This ensures that your contractor will fulfill the duties stipulated on the contract; otherwise, they’d have to pay corresponding fees depending on the stipulations violated. Getting a bond is a prerequisite before being licensed, so check to see if it’s mandatory in your state.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Workmen’s comp protects project workers in case they get injured while working on your HVAC project.

    With these details, hopefully, you can make a sound decision when choosing a contractor to work on your HVAC system in the future.

If you need the help of HVAC installation contractors on your next project don’t give it a second thought. Call us at Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning! We’ve been trusted by numerous homeowners and businesses to work on their heating and cooling needs since 1968! Call us at (707) 247-2887!

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