Troubleshooting a Heat Pump That Doesn’t Turn Off


The heat pump is not just another piece of heating equipment. It operates differently from the furnace and the boiler. This unit uses existing heat in the surrounding, usually from the air or the ground, to increase indoor temperatures. Instead of heating space in one fell swoop using raw power, the heat pump provides a steady flow of heat. As a result, it typically runs continuously, which may confuse you and make you think that something is wrong with it.

HVAC units outside a house

Most heat pump and air conditioner repair specialists like Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning would say that constant operation is not a sign of malfunction in your HVAC system. But if your heat pump refuses to switch off even if you want it to, follow the instructions below. 

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat holds the key to your HVAC system, so it should be the first one to tinker with. If your thermostat has an “OFF” switch button, use it to turn off your HVAC system. But if your device does not have an “OFF” switch or button, try changing the temperature to a level below the room temperature. It should stop sending the signal to the heat pump to stop.

Find the Main “OFF” Switch

Any expert in heat pump and air conditioning maintenance would admit that sometimes the thermostat has a mind on its own. If it does not respond to what you are trying to do, you could go straight to the unit. In it, there should be a noticeable switch or button to power your equipment off. That switch or button could also be in another area in the room for easy access.

Call a Qualified Technician

When all else fails, contact a trained HVAC technician. You should not troubleshoot beyond this point, for trying to do so could damage the equipment, injure you, or start a fire.