Possible Reasons Why Your Two-Story Home Has Uneven Heating


HVAC repair companies say that many two-story homes face problems with uneven heating that smaller one-level structures never have to worry about. What causes these heating problems, and how can they be fixed? Our experts provide a brief rundown of the factors that commonly cause HVAC problems in today’s post.

A Hot Roof

Most of the heat that enters the home comes from sunlight during daytime hours. Heat from the sun is absorbed through the roof, especially if the roof isn’t properly insulated. This causes the second floor of the home to have warmer room temperatures. This problem can be mitigated by improving your roof’s insulation.

A Faulty HVAC System

HVAC replacement contractors also say that uneven heating can be caused by a faulty HVAC system. Problems with the ducts or the unit itself can cause it to distribute heated air unevenly throughout the house. This happens more often with central HVAC systems, where the regulated air has to be circulated over a very wide area. Keeping the system clean and well-maintained will greatly help alleviate this issue.

Poor Insulation

Uneven heating problems also occur in homes with inadequate insulation. This is especially true in second-story home additions, where the second-floor insulation is different than what’s already installed on the first floor. That being said, examining wall insulation as well as checking for window leaks on both floors is recommended.

An Undersized HVAC Unit

There’s also a chance that the existing HVAC unit is in good shape, but just isn’t powerful enough to provide equal heating for both floors. A furnace replacement could be a good option, but you may also consider getting another unit for each floor. This will not only provide you with an equal amount of heating, but you’ll also have the option to turn the units on or off depending on which floor is occupied.

It’s time to get your home’s heating optimized. Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning provides HVAC services in Dixon, CA, and nearby areas.