A Maintenance Checklist for Your Annual Furnace Check-Up


Home heating replacement experts highly recommend getting your furnace checked at least once a year, but what exactly should you be done when this happens? We made a checklist to help you determine which components of your furnace need cleaned, repaired, replaced or all of the above.

Check for Dirt

A dirty heater is very prone to having issues, which is why you need to check the areas that tend to accumulate dirt and debris and clean them as needed. Start with the areas closest to the furnace and registers, then work your way to the burners and blades and end with the heat vents. Some areas may require you to remove grills or bolts, so you may want to ask a professional for help with cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

Inspect for Damage

Wear and tear on the system can reduce the efficiency of your heater while also increasing the likelihood of problems arising in the future. According to residential furnace repair experts, common parts that need to be checked for damages include the filters, vents, flue pipe, combustion air opening, pilot and drain lines. Common problems include corrosion, leaks, and heat damage.

Replace Disposable Parts

Parts like filters that can be replaced should be disposed of on a regular basis. Depending on the type of filter, you should clean or replace them every three months, or sometimes as often as once a month. You should also check if the batteries in the thermostat still have enough power to make it to the next maintenance check. If not, have them replaced immediately.

Readjust the Settings

Once all that’s taken care of, the only thing left to do is check that everything is secured and the settings are properly readjusted. Keep in mind that the weather at the time of last year’s furnace maintenance could be different from this year’s weather, so adjusting the thermostat to your usual settings might not yield the same results. Instead, set temperatures based on current conditions to ensure optimal heating throughout the season.

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