Can Air Conditioners Help Relieve Spring Allergies?

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With spring comes warmer temperatures and greeneries in full bloom. However, those who have seasonal allergies aren’t looking forward to this time of the year. Sore throat, stuffy noses, and watery eyes are the most common symptoms that allergy sufferers experience. Medications help, as well as improving your indoor air quality. 

One of the area’s most trusted HVAC installation contractors shares how air conditioners can help relieve spring allergies.

Air Conditioning and Allergy Relief 

Your air conditioner can help keep your allergies at bay by controlling humidity. An efficient cooling system can be an effective humidifier. Regularly changing your air filter and using high-quality HEPA filters can also help maintain good indoor air quality. Keep in mind that dirty air filters can trap and recirculate allergens into your home. It’s also a good idea to have ultraviolet lights integrated with your air conditioner. This light can disinfect the air by killing airborne bacteria, viruses, and even mold. 

Regular HVAC Maintenance Matters 

If your allergy symptoms persist even if you’re at home, it could indicate that your air conditioner needs attention. Reliable local HVAC maintenance companies can help you with this. Air conditioners that don’t receive regular maintenance are more likely to spread allergens and experience breakdowns. Routine air duct cleaning is also important to ensure allergens aren’t circulating around your home. 

Sometimes, an air conditioner replacement may be necessary, especially if the equipment is ancient. Once you get a new unit, make sure that it is installed and maintained properly, so it remains efficient throughout its lifespan. 

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