6 Benefits of Having HVAC Rooftop Units

Rooftop systems

HVAC rooftop units are packaged systems with all components contained in a single unit. This differentiates it from the conventional setup that has an indoor and outdoor unit. Besides the lower installation cost, there are several advantages of using an HVAC rooftop unit for your building:

Efficient use of energy. A commercial HVAC setup provides additional controls, including energy-saving options. Features like air volume control, dampers, and energy recovery wheels economize and improve its performance. Installing an automatic thermostat allows synchronization of operation based on seasonal changes and occupancy schedules.

Adaptability. Since rooftop HVAC units are modular, you can easily adjust to the changing demands of your building. You can add a new air conditioner module or subtract an old one based on the heating requirements of the building. Furthermore, you can redesign the set up without replacing the whole system.

Security. Placing the HVAC system on top of the roof provides an added deterrence to theft and vandalism. Its elevated location also protects the mechanism from litter, dirt, dust and other debris that may cause accidental damage, reducing the need for air conditioning maintenance.

Optimized space. With all components in the same area, rooftop HVAC units allow the use of ground space for other purposes., enabling you to maximize every square foot of your building for business and comfort.

Reduced noise pollution. HVAC systems for commercial use require a certain setup, one which emits extreme noise. Placing it on the rooftop reduces the intrusion of unwanted sound into the building.

Ease of maintenance: Professional air conditioning maintenance is necessary to keep your system reliable at all times. Having all the components in one place allows technicians easy access for air conditioner repairs and maintenance.

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