Tips for Staying Warm Without Touching Your Thermostat


Your thermostat has one job during the winter: to make sure your HVAC system produces enough heat when it gets cold. But you don’t necessarily have to turn up your thermostat when you need more warmth, as there are plenty of other ways to achieve your goal without using additional energy. Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning recommends following the tips below.

Let the Sunshine In

The sun is not just the most reliable and abundant source of heat; it’s also free! Experienced HVAC companies would advise you to keep your curtains open in the winter to let in the sun and heat while leaving the windows closed so the heated air won’t escape the house.

However, you should close all window treatments at night. This provides more insulation, minimizing the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside.

Wear More Clothes

Layering on extra clothing is a surefire way to keep your body warmer. Most reputable HVAC installation contractors would also tell you to invest in the warmest, coziest blankets, and choose textiles that naturally trap heat.

Cover the Floor

Carpets and rugs don’t just feel nice under bare feet. These furnishings also act as insulators and prevent the escape of heat through the floorboards.

Put Your Ceiling Fan Into Reverse

Did you know that hot air rises? This phenomenon explains why upstairs spaces are often the warmest. While you can’t change physics, you can manipulate the movement of air mechanically. If you have a ceiling fan, reverse the direction of its blades to push the rising warm air down.

Do Not Heat Unused Rooms

Trustworthy HVAC maintenance companies would attest that heating rarely used rooms is more than a waste of energy. Doing so also slows down the heating of those that are truly occupied most of the time. It is not enough to close the HVAC vents in unused rooms; you should not keep their doors open either.