Is Your AC Fan Motor Failing?

AC Fan

Your air conditioning system is vital to your home’s indoor comfort, especially as the season gets warmer. But if one of your AC’s components isn’t working correctly — particularly the fan motor — you might find it difficult to cool your home during hot weather.

Here Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning, one of the top HVAC maintenance companies, lists a few of the signs that your AC fan motor is in trouble.

Fan Won’t Start Even When the AC Is On

When this happens, it’s best to simply turn your AC off and call a professional. Without the fan circulating air while the AC is on, the evaporator coils may start to freeze. This then puts your air conditioning unit at risk of suffering more damage.

Fan Continues Running After the AC Is Shut Off

A fan that continues to run after you switch your AC off could either be suffering from a fan motor problem or a malfunctioning thermostat. That’s why HVAC companies may check your thermostat as well to confirm the source of the problem. Typically, when this happens, replacing the thermostat can easily do the trick. If it doesn’t, a relay switch might be the issue. Relays are responsible for opening and closing the electrical circuit in your air conditioner. If they become stuck, however, the circuit remains closed, causing the fan motor to continue running.

Fan Runs Intermittently

A fan that runs intermittently could be due to the overheating of the motor, a loose wire or connection or a short in the motor windings. Whatever you suspect is the reason for this is, keep in mind that electrical-related issues should only be handled by professionals., which is why it’s best to call a reliable HVAC technician to check this for you.

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