5 Air Conditioner Noises and What They Mean


HVAC repair companies do all they can to keep air conditioners working as quietly as possible, which is why it can give you quite a start when your air conditioning system starts making noises. What do they mean? Is your air conditioner going to go out on you? Here’s what heating and cooling pro Dependable Heating & Air Conditioning has to say:

Banging – Banging sounds usually point to broken or loose parts inside air conditioning compressors. It can also mean there’s an imbalance in the indoor blower or that you’re in need of a new compressor.

Clanking – Clanking noises are another sign that you have a loose or imbalanced part inside your cooling system, though it can also indicate that components inside the sealed unit have failed, your outdoor fan or indoor blower is out of balance and is hitting other parts or you have a loose compressor.

Clicking – It’s normal to hear clicking sounds when you turn your air conditioner on or off. What isn’t normal is ongoing or constant clicking, which can be a sign of a failing thermostat or defective controls. Either way, HVAC replacement contractors will most likely say it’s an issue with electrical parts in your cooling unit.

Buzzing or Humming – Your air conditioner either has loose parts inside or you have an electrical problem if you hear a buzzing or humming sound.

Squealing – Squeals, squeaks and rattles come from blowers and fans when they’re starting to fail. As some units squeal a bit during start-up, the noise isn’t always a problem. What you’ll need to determine is whether or not the squeal you’re hearing has always been there or is something new.

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